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Stroll 03

Asso – San Pedro Nolasco – Santa Cruz

“a different and distant city, a city that wanted to raise some people but that the ventera reality of this country destroyed”

Saragossa place to place, Place of Santa Cruz

From the Asso Place José Antonio Labordeta by San Lorenzo and Studies wanders about to reaching the street San Jorge where he is received by the lateral facade of the Real Seminario of San Carlos and his church, “most beautiful of all the baroque ones of the city”. In front of her the House of the Morlanes of century XVI, “Renaissance spectacle of excellent proportions”. We reach the place of San Pedro Nolasco. A beautiful house, in the corner of the continuation of the street, gives idea us of how it was the style that at the home of the XX occurred in this placita. In this section of San Jorge it raised to from Zaragoza bourgeoisie beautiful buildings, as the one of núm. 3, work of Ricardo Magdalena.

A little further on the Don Jaime street, that from its starting in the Market the interest to cross appears it by all sides. Llama the attention of José Antonio his núm. 35, the Fantoba pastry shop, the Main Theater and the Mudejar church of San Gil. From this you can accede to the mythical from Zaragoza Tube, full of tascas and restaurants, or look for the street San Voto and after happening through the Palace of Torrero, to commit you in one of the most beautiful places of the city: the one of Santa Cruz. It was in núm. 13 where the poet dreamed about living from boy.

Photographic gallery

Photographic gallery

We emphasize

Real Seminario of San Carlos Borromeo
Núms. 16, 18 and 22 of the street Dr. Palomar. Constructed seriadas traditional collection of houses at the end of the XVII. They conserve impacts of the War of Independence

House of the Morlanes
Palace house of the s. XVI that responds to the typology of the Renaissance palaces. Of the original building the ornamented facade is only conserved rich. At the moment she is host of different municipal services and the Film library of Saragossa. María Moliner.