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Stroll 01

San Miguel – Eras – San Agustín

“In the calm noons of this city, you will feel lodged by the shade and the fresh air”

San Miguel place

The San Miguel place marks the home of first of the strolls by Saragossa. Once visited the Mudejar church of San Miguel of the Navarrese we will cross the place and by the street Recapture we will enter ourselves in the city that more underwent the ups and downs of the War of Independence. Still today we can see the track of the fight in some houses and the names of the streets evoke that one tragic episode. We choose Heroism, Añón, Tower and street Eras to arrive at Manuela Sancho, one of the heroins of the war. This street follows the drawn up one of the medieval wall and some of the modern constructions lean in her, integrating in their structure the old walls.

We will cross the small Place Eras and, after crossing Cantín and Gamboa, we will be with the church of Santa Monica in the angle that train Manuela Sancho and Dr. Palomar. This street conserves a group of traditional houses that show how it was this zone in the XVIII. From we contemplated already the beautiful Mudejar tower of the Magdalena here. If we turned aside by the street Viola we will end at the Place of San Agustín occupied to a large extent by the building of the convent, that forms a nice set with “graceful casicas of the environs”.

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Houses of the Sites

Núms. 16, 18 and 22 of the street Dr. Palomar. Constructed seriadas traditional collection of houses at the end of the XVII. They conserve impacts of the War of Independence.

Convent of San Agustín

Founded on the XIII. It comprised of the line of defense of the city during the Sites. Transformed into quarter in the XIX, of the baroque convent it is only the facade and a wall. At the moment they comprise of the Center of Histories and the María Moliner Library.