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of Alcañiz to Rubielos

To say mountainous areas in Teruel,
of entrance it is not to say anything,
because this earth is,
with the exception of some small zone
all mountain ranges

In the fourth route of its Aragon book in the backpack, José Antonio starts off from Alcañiz to enter itself in the Region of the Low Aragon and to advance for territories of the Regions of the Maestrazgo and Gúdar Javalambre. He does with the doubt of that knows that the possible itineraries are many that one can choose and that to be decided by one of them will make him lose towns and landscapes of singular beauty. He, arrived at Alcañiz, decides to take the way that goes “for the mountain ranges that in some zones call the Maestrazgo” instead of to go towards the east and to arrive themselves until the localities from Beceite, Calaceite or Valderrobres. Although it warns us in his text that if we decided to visit them “never will weigh to you, they are most beautiful and their small villages and landscapes are also extraordinary”.  José Antonio takes the way that leads to him until the port of Fourth Bare one and that way to lower to Alcala of the Forest and to finish in Rubielos.

Following his steps we will lead by highways that are opened on the rock and we will cross winding landscapes that become green and smooth, we will cross broken and paths, formation rocky as the organs of Montoro. We will arrive at loaded towns from traditions, history, art and singular architecture. Localities of powerful past and uncertain future, where the skeletons of the old factories and left power stations make ask the traveller “why reason, in a while, this earth had men able to go ahead opportunely and to industrialize its surroundings, and now everything remains lengthy”.

José Antonio Labordeta in Jorcas (Teruel)


trip map

Route 01
Alcañiz – Calanda – Alcorisa

Alcañiz - Calanda - Alcorisa

Route 02
Ejulve – Villarluengo –
Gorge of Benatanduz

Ejulve - Villarluengo - Gorge of Benatanduz

Route 03
Cantavieja – Mirambel –
The Iglesuela of the Cid

Cantavieja - Mirambel - the Iglesuela of the Cid

Route 04
Of the Port Fourth Bare one
to Alcala of the Forest

From Fourth Bare one to Alcala of the Forest

Route 05
Mora de Rubielos
and Rubielos de Mora

Mora de Rubielos and Rubielos de Mora

Book “Aragon in the backpack”

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Photographic gallery

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