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Leaving the kitchen gardens it initiates
the way by some chalky earth…
and already from that point,
the mount of rosemary and thyme
its reign begins
that all the way will last almost

We will follow in this second route the drawn up one marked by the old railway line of the “Utrillas”, the train that, from 1904 to 1966, transported the lignite from the station of Utrillas-Montalbán, in the region of the Mining River basins, to Saragossa. 127 km of a route that counted on 22
stations and surveyors.

Although route can to do in day, when the days extend, we divided route in five sections, that we extended to facilitate to those who you are decided, to enjoy more days and more Aragon. We will rise this train with the company of the most recognizable Labordeta, the one than crosses the country that wants more, asking itself each step how the people did who inhabited it to hold the hardness of some earth where plaster, the limestone, rosemary and the thyme reign. José Antonio raises the view and in each bend of the way he recognizes the beauty in the landscape. It asks to us to stop to us with him to center our glance in the desert fields towards which we went. We will let ourselves surprise by the architecture of the towns and will rage in the scenes of the war. A nonexistent train will allow us to dream about another time next to the walls of the old stations, that still resist on the foot of a route of uprooted rails. We will enter ourselves in fertile valleys of the Aguasvivas river and the Martin river, whose influence is let notice in the landscape.

Without losing the critical glance, José Antonio denounces in its texts attitudes, and undergoes before the abandonment and laziness. He lets know us. As the father who fights to the son whom he loves. And thus, we will be crossing towns to which without knowing why, we land on water already and never we will forget.

Prepare to you to enjoy.

José Antonio Labordeta in Belchite


trip map

Route 01
Saragossa – Belchite

Route 01 - Saragossa – Belchite

Route 02
Belchite – You cut of Aragon

Route 03 - Belchite – You cut of Aragon

Route 03
You cut of Aragon – Alcaine/
Cultural park of the Martin River

You cut of Aragon - Alcaine/Cultural Park of the Martin River

Route 04
Safe of Bathrooms – River basin of the Martin River

Route - Safe of 04 Bathrooms - River basin of the Martin River

Route 05
It listens, Montalbán, Utrillas

Route 05 - SEscucha, Montalbán, Utrillas

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Photographic gallery

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