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Route 04

From Fourth bare one to Alcala of the Forest

“They took people to me of the town,
gotten involved young people
in picking up its earth
so battered and left.”

Villaroya of the Pine groves

We return to the Port of Fourth Bare one to go towards Villarroya and Allepuz, to lower by the births of the Guadalope and the Alfambra until Alcala of the Forest, and to reach Mora and Rubielos de Mora. From the stop of the port you already see Fortanete and the fertile valley that the Pitarque river crosses. The medieval bridge that crosses it is the home of a route, if the visitor is brave, who takes to us until the rest of the castle of the Cid. When arriving at Fortanete we must pause in his ample place and the set formed by the church of the Purification and the Renaissance City council of the XVI, being very notable the arcs of the porch of the church and paintings to the fresh air of the facade of the City council. Near them, the palace of the Dukes of Medinaceli, also of the s. XVI.

Leaving back Fortanete, the highway promotes the Port of Villarroya surrounded by thick forests until reaching Villarroya, on waters of the Gudalope river. It already had been José Antonio in this turolense locality. One first time with its brother Miguel. Second it was dragged by people of the town after a concert in Jorcas, “gotten involved young people in picking up his so battered and left earth”. They predominate, on a hill, the 18 meters of the tower of Villarroya, related at your service of Temple and later to the Hospitable one. It was constructed in the s. XV on a previous one and he is the unique thing that is conserved of the castle. Today it makes the times of tower bell tower, very moved away of the parochial church of Asuncion, a gothic building of the s. XV of a single ship, with head and Renaissance lodge of three arcs of century XVII. The house of the Rocks, a great baroque big rambling house of the century XVII that was residence of Bishop Francisco Peña, one of the most excellent characters of the ecclesiastical hierarchy of end of century XVI stays.

Of Villarroya one goes away to Allepuz. Little kilometers a deflection warns to us of the proximity of Miravete of the Mountain range. Although outside our route, it turns out advisable to realise the passage that crosses the defile opened by waters of the Gudalope, and to reach the town with the eagerness to contemplate the church of Our Lady of Snows or to penetrate in the porticada place of the City council. It was in Miravete where “the people of the Low Aragon met for the first time… so that all we took brings back to consciousness of the agony of the complete province”. It is not far Jorcas either, “where I have so many distributed pieces of heart with friends”. Arrived at Allepuz we will take the way towards Alcala of the Forest, between the mountain ranges of the Moratilla and Gúdar, enjoying “the smoothness of the landscape and the sweetness of the way”. Although Alcala of the Forest must its fame to the near tracks of ski of Valdelinares, its urban area “deserves a slight route, from the small and beautiful existing chapel to the entrance of the town, to the place of the source and the church “, ample Renaissance gothic temple of century XVI dedicated to San Julian and San Judas. In the stop, dominating all the landscape, the recovered castle of the Heredia.

When leaving Villarroya deserts in Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Fertile valley of the s. XVII, in the source Alcala, in a very built-up zone.

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We emphasize

Way of the Pylons

Section of the Camino Real that united Teruel and the populations of Levante through turolense Maestrazgo. The Way of the Pylons is a route of 6 kilometers that is conserved to each other in all their extension between Villarroya of Pinares and Allepuz marked by separated landmarks a distance of 30 or 50 meters and that allowed not to lose itself in the fog or with the snow. At present a total of 113 is conserved.

Sanctuary of the Virgin of the Fertile valley

To little kilometers of Alcala of the Forest is the sanctuary of the Virgin of the Fertile valley. Temple of constructed baroque style in the century XVIII, that combines ashlar masonry and rubblework. They emphasize paintings murals of the vaults of century XIX. Of here part one from the accesses to the tracks of ski of Valdelinares which has turned the place into tourist enclave.