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Route 03

Cantavieja – Mirambel – the Iglesuela of the Cid

“Because giant they were
who did possible
that wonder of porticada place.”


We back leave the Port of Fourth Bare one and we went towards Cantavieja, Mirambel and the Iglesuela. The three of templario past, sanjuanista past and the three protagonists of the wars of carlistas.

The first stop will be in Cantavieja where “sosegadamente we will cross the streets, the houses, the balconies and windows” and we will show ourselves to its viewpoints until stopping to us in “that wonder of porticada place” that form the City council, the House of Baile and the church of Asuncion, baroque building of previous constructed century XVIII on another gothic one, as they testify the three pointed arcs of the porch. Another jewel of the gothic one that we can visit is the hermitage of San Miguel, with three ogival arcs in its outer porch, that commanded to construct the sanjuanista Gonzalo de Funes and whose inner it keeps his coffin from alabaster. Cantavieja has been the historical capital and center of economic political power and of the Maestrazgo. In century XII it was head of a templaria charge that included other six municipalities. Later it happened to comprise of the Order of San Juan de Jerusalén. They were the templarios that in century XIII raised the castle in the end of the town. Already century XIX, its strategic position and its defensive structure of rocky bastion turned it into carlista objective and after his walls general Cabrera lodged.

Our next stop is Mirambel. This walled town owns one of the urban areas better conserved of Aragon maintaining intact the medieval atmosphere. In Mirambel is one of the icons of the Maestrazgo, the fine plaster tracery and mud that within the city decorate the lattice windows of the portal of the Nuns, one of the doors that access to the enclosure gives us. Back-to-back to her a circular tower remembers its templario past. Next to the portal, the Convent of the Augustinian Hermits of century XVI. The town crosses José Antonio and it pauses before the splendid Renaissance palaces of Aliaga and Castellot, with his galleries of arquillos and their eaves of wrought oak. And it also does before the Town hall, construction that responds to the market typology pawl that extended by Aragon in century XVI. In front of him the church of Santa Margarita, reconstructed after its destruction during the first Carlist War.

To thousand two hundred meters of altitude is another one of “those unusual places of the tortured geography” of the Maestrazgo: The Iglesuela of the Cid. Its sober tower of Tribute or tower of the Nublos, evokes its medieval past. Superficially the tower of the church is raised and between both an arc gives access us to the Greater place. “Nothing can be compared to that so extraordinary and spectacular set as it is the occupied area by the City council and the old convent”. The city council owns a market with three ogival arcs and next to him, making corner, the house of the Blinque, with a singular wood porch maintained by a single stone column. The church, of century XVII, was constructed on previous a gothic temple of which it only conserves the central ship and the polygonal head. The house closes this set palace of Matutano Daudén. This construction of century XVIII has been recovered as hospedería. One of its attractiveness is the double stairs starts with wood balustrade that dominates the ample hall.

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We emphasize

Porticada place of Cantavieja

One of the corners with greater historical and artistic interest of Cantavieja. Dedicated to Christ Rey, this place forms a harmonic set with the baroque church of Asuncion. Three ogival arcs precede it. Together to her, the City council, a Renaissance building that rests on a gallery of means arcs point. A third side of the place delimits it the porch of ogival arcs of the house of the Bayle. The Rectorial house closes the space.

Tower of the Nublos of the Iglesuela

The tower of homage or Tower of the Nublos of the Iglesuela of the Cid evokes the past medieval of this locality. It is what it is of the templario castle of the Iglesuela. A tower of high altitude, squared plant of 5 meters of side, crowned by battlements. At present one is back-to-back to the City council.

Coffin of Gonzalo de Funes

She is one of jewels of the Levantine gothic sculpture. One is in the sent church of San Miguel de Cantavieja to construct by own Gonzalo de Funes, sanjuanista gentleman and who showed the maximum position of the hospitable order in Aragon. Its tomb is made of alabaster, scenery with characters framed in gothic arcades.

Portal of the Nuns of Mirambel

The portal of the Nuns is one of the accesses of the wall that gives entrance to Mirambel. It shows to a means arc point towards the pointed outside and towards the interior. The fine tracery of plaster and mud that decorate the lattice windows of the part within the city contrasts with the outer sobriety. Their elegance and gentleness have turned it into one of the symbols of the Maestrazgo.