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Route 04

Safe of Bathrooms – River basin of the Martin River

“Once here, the trip was transformed into a sumptuous route after to have worried the last and difficult outlines of the route.”

Bathrooms of Safe

The line of the railroad follows this section of our route that will cross the towns of Maicas, Safe of Bathrooms, Vivel of Río and Martin of the River.

About two kilometers after happening You cut of Aragon we will take the deflection from the A-2401 direction Maicas, small locality of great popular flavor, that counted on a loading base towards the “Utrillas”.

We smoothly promote the Port of Safe with the vision of an enormous rocky terrain “barely opened by tame waters of the Aguasvivas river”. In the depth, when coming out of the defile, the modern facilities of the Spa of Safe rise of Bathrooms, that it continues taking advantage of the spring hot waters, “famous in all the contour” and whose virtues have attracted people from the s. XVIII. Nothing is of the described thing by José Antonio in the book, from those small houses to which the people in search of health went. The traveller can on the road make a stop before reaching the high one to be able to enjoy the view.

Again in route we will surround the circus by the rock. The way is narrowed to open itself in the town of Safe of Bathrooms. On an enormous rocky crag the rest of their castle, destroyed during the carlistas wars in the combats are placed that maintained the troops of Espartero and Cabrera here. Of the same time that the castle is the High Source.

During this section the barren landscape that has accompanied to us from Saragossa becomes, and although little it is of the rich forest that had to exist in the zone, still is possible to be enjoyed in the neighborhood of an imposing one to encinar and holm-oak forest, of savins and the pine rodeno. And it is let notice the influence of the forest of repopulation of the pine groves of Pelarda, that it connects with the pine groves of the terms of Small tower of Rebollar and Salcedillo.

We now lead by back-to-back a fresher fertile valley “the highway to the drawn up one of the railroad”. To little nine kilometers we reached Vivel of the River, locality that is based on two rivers: the Fuenferrada and the Safe one, from whose waters the Vivel river will be born, that will give rise, next to the volume of the Boulevard, to the Martin river.

Visible from the highway it continues waiting for the old station of the railroad. “Once here, the trip was transformed into a sumptuous route after to have worried the last and difficult outlines of the route”. And thus we arrived at the rich fertile valley of the Martin River that flows next to the N-211. We will go to the left, Montalbán direction. “In some places of the way mouths appear of left mines”. We will cross the near town of Martin of the River. Its more singular construction is the church of Asuncion, of the s. XVIII, “that it is appropriated the rest of the town”. In her it walked of José Antonio concert, in “the strange summer of 1975”. The Mudejar tower of the baroque hermitage of San Martin and San Fabian is another one of its attractiveness.

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We emphasize

Spa of Safe of Bathrooms

One is located to four kilometers of the urban area, when coming out of a defile that forms the Aguasvivas river. The mineromedicinales properties of their waters are known from the s. XVIII, moment at which the first constructions for their advantage are constructed. In 2017 the modern facilities included in a hotel of five stars are worn for the first time.

Castillo de Segura de Baños

Castillo medieval located on a rocky crag occupying a strategic position between the rivers Martin and Aguasvivas. In 1840, during the carlistas wars, it is destroyed after the hard combats between the troops of general Espartero and those of general Cabrera, quartered in the fortification. The stones of the castle were used to reconstruct the locality of Safe. At present they are only the rest of some towers.