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Route 03

You cut of Aragon – Alcaine/
Cultural park of the Martin River

“Until one of them, dicharachero one, it threads the fiber with you and it leaves to the others in the silence of the sun towards the south of the gorgeous sky.”


After crossing You cut of Aragon goes José Antonio to the locality of Alcaine. We will take then the provincial highway TE-V-1145, that reasons parallel to the Cantalera river. The abrupt orography and the view of Josa, with their excellent baroque tower, offer to the traveller a seen singular landscaping.
To little, the highway is branched off to go towards Obón or Alcaine, our destiny, narrowing itself compares to the tube of the Radón river, affluent of the Martin. The way in coat bottom dies, giving to us a spectacular panorama. The locality of Alcaine “amorra to the Martin river, whose waters run clean and calm by the bottom of a precipice” whose amazing views we will enjoy from the natural balconies at which their streets and places end. One of these viewpoints, to the entrance of the town, allows us to have a wonderful vision of the set that form the narrow and lofty side streets with the baroque church of Santa Maria the Major, of the s. XVII, and its Mudejar tower. In the stop one of the old towers of monitoring is raised, m “now pacific pigeon houses”, that surround it from medieval time. To the bottom, the tail of the dam of Foradada Cave.

José Antonio pauses and looks for the excuse with which to enter into a dialogue “to know the Earth”. Speech with the people who tell him of bandits, mmoros, wealth, the war, the emigration, the mines, the houses, of fossils… Therefore it is only possible to be known the people of the country, his history, his traditions, his preoccupations.

The guns and the prehistoric rock art of this average section of Martin river grant the category to him Cultural Park, a space that counts on special protection. Of Alcaine to Obón the Martin river forms spectacular guns and Straits that we can cross by marked footpaths, crossing a place of extraordinary beauty sprinkled of covachas and coats with rock paintings and engravings outdoors, World heritage site. Also it is possible to enter us in the park in the direction of Oliete, in the Region of Andorra-Mountain range of Arcs. In the environs of Oliete have been the important iberos deposits of the Palomar and the Cabezo of San Pedro. The locality counts on a Center of Interpretation: Ruta Iberos in the Low Aragon.

José Antonio returns to You cut of Aragon, again by Josa, to reclaim the way that marks the line to him of the Utrillas, in a difficult outline that crosses the Maicas localities, Safe of Bathrooms, Vivel of Río and Martin of the River until arriving finally at the station of Utrillas.

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We emphasize

Museum and paleontological deposit of Josa

Two thousand units of more than two hundred different species form the collection of the Museum of Josa. In the environs of the town, next to the river of the Cantalera, is one of the deposits of more important dinosaurs of Teruel.

Church of Santa Maria the Major of Alcaine

Baroque construction of centuries XVII-XVIII in rubblework, except the tower that are of brick of three bodies, the squared inferior, the ochavado interval and the octagonal superior. In its interior they emphasize the stucco altarpiece, jewel of the baroque turolense and the sgraffitoes of the lateral chapels.

Route of the Towers of Alcaine

Singular defensive system of medieval time (s. XI). It was formed by 11 independent towers, that took advantage of the natural defense the locality surrounded by rocky crests. A footpath connects several of them offering some spectacular views.

Cultural park of the Martin River

Space that includes part of the municipalities of Montalbán, Peñarroyas, Tower of Coffers, Obón, Alcaine, Alacón, Oliete, Ariño and Albalate of the Archbishop. The guns that the Martin river forms in its average section, which they limit the coats and covachas of rock art, give coherence to their boundary.