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Route 02

Belchite – You cut of Aragon

(until Mining River basins by Sickle of the Old man)

“The Mudejar one is not a spectacular art, but the art to remove beauty to humility.”


We take the A-222 Lécera direction. When crossing the bridge on the Aguasvivas river, to the right we will run into with the rest than it was the Smaller Seminary of Belchite, a great religious complex, witness of bloody combats during the civil war, of which as soon as it is its church still on.

To the other side of the highway, passed the ruins of the seminary, a dirt road takes to us until “the Small Russia”, the prisoner of war camp where soldiers republican and their families, prisoners after the civil war were lodged, and forced to construct the New Town. Nowadays the large cabins are used for agricultural aims. To little meters A-1506 leaves, that will take to those who are wanted to venture, until the near localities of Almonacid of Cuba, where it will surprise the spectacle to us that is the Roman prey in the Aguasvivas river; Azuara, that will allow us to enjoy the hermitage of San Nicolás de Bari, or the near localities of Letux and Samper nde Salz. Towns that the Aguasvivas river unites, because to all it waters.

We again continue our picked up route and “to the plateau, you ascend smooth just as the track of the “Utrillas”, way of Lécera”. José Antonio speaks to us of nsu came, “and rough, hard and hard striking, as the same landscape that raises it”. They continue to us accompanying the very visible rest of the railroad in the Sales by Muniesa, with watered down stopping place and. We are already in the Region of the Mining River basins. To far, an arrogant Mudejar tower announces our arrival to Muniesa.
This tower is located to the feet of the Renaissance Church of Asuncion, of the s. XVI-XVII. “He is one of more beautiful the Mudejar towers of this old country, and that are many here and very beautiful… an architectonic wonder of which those bricklayers were only able Moorishes…”. Account Muniesa with another tower, the one of the hermitage of Santa Barbara; and in their high street two important buildings, characteristic of the Aragonese Renaissance desatacan: Aranguren house and the old building of Telephones, with gallery of means arcs wrought wood point and eaves. One leaves Muniesa by a door that remembers to the one of the Old Town of Belchite “half altar and half fort” and “amorrando you already to first spurs of the Iberian System… you arrive until You cut of Aragon”. In the stop, the Church of Saint Barthélemy, of the s. XVIII, it dominates his urban area, in which it surprises the Renaissance facade of the city council, with market of three arcs and gallery of means arcs point.

The deflection follows José Antonio towards Alcaine taking by Josa. Later, it returns on his passages for again, in You cut of Aragon, to go towards Safe of Bathrooms.

The possibility exists of following the A-222 and of arriving from the most direct way until Utrillas, Montalbán and Escucha by the Sickle of the Old man, whose urban area rests under the shade of its tower strength of the s. XIV. The history of this municipality, located in a narrow defile, is ligature to the great deeds of the Aragonese Medievo.

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We emphasize

Smaller seminary of Belchite

Located in the shore of the Aguasvivas river. It was formed by buildings of great dimensions and all their perimeter delimited by a wall. It got to lodge 200 seminarians. At the moment it is only his church, in ruin state. So it was the ferocity of the combats that got rid between Requetes and the Guardia de Asalto here during the Civil War.

Church of Santa María Magdalena in Lécera

It is assigned to the typology of Mudejar church of a single ship. It was constructed in the s. XV although its present aspect is due to later transformations, mainly in the s. XVII. It emphasizes the decoration of yeserías and sgraffitoes of baroque time. Witness of his Mudejar origin is in the open a large window with lattice window with flaming reasons gothic. Back-to-back to the church a tower of four bodies, the first of square plant and octagonal rest, with Mudejar decoration.

Roman prey of Almonacid of Cuba

Prey of constructed Roman time in the s. I on the channel of the Aguasvivas river. She is well-known traditionally as Cuba. The conduction that started off from here watered the Field of Belchite and supplied the based Roman nucleus in which today it is the Monastery of Ntra. Mrs of the Pueyo.

Tower of the Church of Muniesa

Slim Mudejar tower of century XVI on the feet of the church of Ntra. Mrs of Asuncion. Of octagonal plant, it consists of three bodies constructed in brick. National monument from 1,931, and in 2.001 within the Mudejar one of Aragon, World heritage site.