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Stroll 07

Lanuza – Santo Domingo

“It is a district to walk it slowly and by day, because every time its silence is deeper… with buildings of Aragonese recovery in years in which this was almost possible until the root history was taken to us”

Saragossa place to place, Place of San Miguel

José Antonio Labordeta tells us who to the other side of the Central Market “arises the most artisan and many-colored district from the city”, the district of San Pablo, also known as “the Hook”. It is necessary to take a walk slowly and to lose themselves by his occupied parallel and perpendicular streets in times by unions, professions already almost extinguished of the old teachers, in whom now we found new proposals in a healthy attempt to revitalize this old zone of the city. The district turns around the beautiful church of San Pablo and his Mudejar tower “hurting to the sky from its own root”. Their architectonic and artistic elements, as the altarpiece with doors of the greater altar or their choir with the gothic organ, turn it into the third SEO of Saragossa and forced stop. In the near street of the Preachers the facade of the old Palace of Villahermosa hides a public school today in which before it was center of being able of the nobility, and in the civil war sad jail of women. The street ends at the Santo Domingo place presided over by the old City council of Saragossa, builds of the s. XIX. In this place the Convent of Dominican, the oldest one of the city rose, of which only us has arrived the refectory. In the place it receives the old market to us of fish, transformed into the Theater of the Market, a space for the culture that as José Antonio wrote, did possible that the place returned to live.

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Photographic gallery

We emphasize

Church of San Pablo
It was constructed in century XIV in gothic-Mudejar and extended style in later centuries. The artistic elements that can be contemplated, as the greater altar or the choir with gothic organ are several. The tower-bell tower, of octagonal plant, is one of the best examples of Mudejar tower of the city.

Theater of Mercado
The theater takes the name from the old market of fish of Saragossa in which it is located. The building, constructed in 1928, was transformed into theater in 1983. The work is inspired by the Aragonese palaces María Moliner.