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Stroll 06

San Cayetano – Lanuza

“There they arrived, to first times of the night the torreros of the next kitchen gardens and, by the ground, they were unloading his vegetables… and patiently, they hoped the dawn to begin his sales”

Saragossa place to place, Place of San Miguel

We leave to the place of Justice descending the “cuestecica” from Good the Pastor. In this street there is a stop forced in our route, the door by which he obstructs himself to the school Santo Tomás de Aquino, institution founded by the father of José Antonio Labordeta. A plate remembers to us that it was in this place where they were born and they studied José Antonio and his brother Miguel. The street ends at the Place of Juan de Lanuza. In her the Central Market rises, designed in 1895, “modernist and excellent work of the Navarrese architect”.

During years this place was “one of the most alive places of the city”. The details that we can find in her, as the gothic porches of the side of San Pablo or the iron columns designed by Ricardo Magdalena are many. It was in this place where the last Justice of Aragon was executed as a placed commemorative plaque in a wall of the Market remembers to us. In front of the door of the market that looks at the river rises a conserved good linen cloth of the walls of the Roman Saragossa, and next to her, the tower of the Zuda, center of government of the Muslim Saragossa.

Photographic gallery

Photographic gallery

We emphasize

Roman walls
One of both sections that are conserved of the defensive wall of the city raised during the s. I and III. It marked the limits of the Roman city of Caesaraugusta and got to have 120 towers and 3,000 meters in length.

Central market

Central market
Inaugurated modernist building in 1903 in the same place that welcomed the traditional market. Next to the stone and the brick it was used iron and crystal, and in its construction the same technique was followed that in the Tower of Eiffel.