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Stroll 05

San Felipe – Justice or San Cayetano

“… the Palace of the Gabarda, doing Good corner with the Pastor, where I was born and from whose balconies I learned the whole life”

Saragossa place to place, Place of San Miguel

It is this short but for that reason less nonintense and evocative route. The streets that saw take the first steps to the young Labordeta, in that are these forged the personality of the man it jeopardize. We leave San Felipe by the corner of the Fortea Tower. Two streets invite to us to walk them. One, the one of the New Tower, leads to us towards the Place of the Central Market. The other, the one of Temple, “always the templarios”, it ends at the Place of Justice or San Cayetano. “I advise to you that you do it by the second exit”, says José Antonio to us. Temple is opened in a “beautiful space”, a place that keeps a beautiful perspective, a comfortable and nice place.

In the modernist building between the streets Isabel and Manifestación, constructed by Ricardo Magdalena, and turned today into hotel, it presented a day José Antonio, surrounded by friendly, its book ‘Stories of San Cayetano’. Making corner with the street of Good the Pastor the Palace of the Gabarda is located, “where I was born and from whose balconies I learned the whole life”. Here it was before the palace of Juan de Lanuza, the last Justice of Aragon. Their ashes keep in the church of Santa Isabel, whose beautiful baroque facade presides over the place.

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Photographic gallery

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Church of Santa Isabel de Portugal
Constructed baroque church between the s. XVII and XVIII, well-known also as of San Cayetano. The frontispiece profusely is decorated and in him the Real de Aragón Signal and the shield of San Jorge are appraised. In the interior desta dog the system of domes and the Greater Altar.

Palace of the Gabarda
Also known as Palace Counts de Sobradiel. This neoclassical construction of the s. XVIII it was the birthplace of José Antonio Labordeta. It lodged the School of Santo Tomás, founded by the father of José Antonio. At present she is host of the School of Notaries of Saragossa. María Moliner.