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Stroll 04

Santa Cruz – San Felipe

“of a so wonderful serenity and a sobriety that from boy I have dreamed about being able a day to live there”

Saragossa place to place, Place of San Miguel

We leave the place Santa Cruz in the direction of Espoz and Mine. In front of us the palace of the Brown is raised, one of the few Renaissance examples gothic that were saved of the disaster of the Sites. The beauty of their architectonic elements and their structure helps us to know how they were the Aragonese palaces that as much abounded in the city. The building is at present host of the Goya Museum being its visit is forced for all those that want to know the work the painter.

By this same street we will leave to the one Alfonso, one of the most known the city. It is a straight street that announces its stroll throughout the Temple of the Pillar, although we will give the back and will look for the Fuenclara street, to which he gives to name the palace of same name and its beautiful caissoned ceiling, and the door him of the old bookstore Books “in which we have learned “to read” and to see painting almost all the servers in the miserable Hispanic postwar period”. Turning to the right they receive the solomonic columns of the church San Felipe, whom name gives to the place. This cosy space lodged a day the New Tower, a victim of the mattock. Around her to the Tower and House of Fortea, and the Palace of the Argillo rose, today Pablo Gargallo Museum, whose facade watches two Olympic athletes.

Photographic gallery

Photographic gallery

We emphasize

Museum Goya – Camón Aznar
The museum is located in the Renaissance palace of the Brown. They emphasize the four series of engravings of Francisco de Goya in addition to other works of the Aragonese painter.

Church of San Felipe
Church constructed in century XVII on a previous one. The solomonic columns of the cover and the rich inner baldachin are some of their more outstanding elements. At the moment they comprise of the Center of Histories and the María Moliner Library.

Pablo Gargallo museum
Museum dedicated to the artist Pablo Gargallo. It is located in the Renaissance palace of Counts de Argillo of century XVI. The central patio gives access to one first plant with inner gallery.

Fortea tower
Medieval tower of Mudejar style of century XV. They emphasize in the structure the windows in ajimez of the second plant and the gallery superior of arquillos. At present it is of municipal property.