Landscapes of Labordeta, Aragon in the backpack2018-12-04T16: 51:40+00:00
By the Eastern Ribagorza
Mountainous areas of Teruel

Landscapes of Labordeta, Aragon in the backpack

José Antonio Labordeta is Aragon. Their songs and their Literature speak of the territory and their people to us, of recognizable places that Jose Antonio crossed. Landscapes of Labordeta follow the tracks that the poet left in the way. Tracks that we found in the pages of the Aragon book in the backpack, published in 1983, of which we will use to draw up the way of each one of the routes, that will take to us to rediscover Aragon of the hand of that plus loved it.

José Antonio describes “with the humble didactismo of the affection to the things” a country in which “the high limestone masses are intermingled with rivers tied down by vortices of steep deserts”. Exciting landscapes “where the daily life only certain characters support it” and that they have forged to us as we are, “smooth as the clay and duros of the rocky terrain”.

José Antonio approaches towns, cities, gastronomy, history, art and customs to us of Aragon. A route that from abrupt Pyrenean mountains will lead towards the level Earth watered to us by the Ebro and towards the turolense south.

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